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Sundaes - Ice Cream
Prince Frederick

Eclipse Sundae


Package:As Is To Go
Sundae Mods:No Whip No Cherry Add Whip Add Cherry
Toppings!:Andes Mints +$0.75Butterfingers +$0.75Chips Ahoy +$0.75Chocolate Sprinkles +$0.75Chopped Peanuts +$0.75Cinnamon Toast Crunch +$0.75Cookie Crisp +$0.75Dirt +$0.75Fresh Banana Slices +$0.75Fresh Strawberries +$0.75Fruity Pebbles +$0.75Golden Oreos +$0.75Gummy Bears +$0.75Hot Fudge +$0.75Marshmellows +$0.75Mini Chocolate chips +$0.75Oreo +$0.75Pecans +$0.75Rainbow Sprinkles +$0.75Reeses Cups +$0.75Reeses Pieces +$0.75Vanilla Wafers +$0.75Chocolate Sauce +$0.75
Flavor:Birthday Cake Black Raspberry Truffle Blueberry Cheesecake Brown Cow Butter pecan Cherry Vanilla Chocolate Coconut Coffee Cookie Craver Cookie Dough Cookies and Cream Cotton Candy Java Cookie Keylime Cheesetart Mint Chip Peanut Butter Peanut Butter Overload Pistachio Red Raspberry Cheesecake Rocky Road Salted Caramel Strawberry Triple Chocolate Earthquake Vanilla