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Single Hand Scooped Ice Cream


Choose Your Container (Select 1):Cup Cake Cone Waffle Cone +$1Sugar Cone +$1
Hand Scooped Flavors (Select up to 2):Chocoholic Pistachio Berry Acai Sorbet Mississippi Mud Coconut Banana Foster Bourbon on the Rocks Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Vanilla Cookie Craver Red Raspberry Cheesecake Lemon Sorbet Cherry Vanilla Chocolate Coffee Peanut Butter Peanut Butter Overload Blueberry Cheesecake Cookie and Cream Black Raspberry Truffle Salty Pretzel Delight Passion Fruit Sorbet White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Raspberry Sorbet
Toppings:Chocolate Syrup +$0.50Hot Fudge +$0.50Caramel Sauce +$0.50Peanut Butter Sauce +$0.50Whip Cream +$0.25Chopped Peanuts +$0.50Chocolate Chips +$0.50Sprinkles +$0.50Chips Ahoy +$0.50Oreos +$0.50Butter Fingers +$0.50M&Ms +$0.50Gummy Bears +$0.50cherry +$0.25Fresh Strawberries

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